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You are the Gift (GB)

Wow, I can’t believe our time in Zambia is through. It seriously feels like yesterday that we were arriving, yet…

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A Walk To Remember

Saturday was truly magical! While the day may have started early and I may have been freezing my buns off…

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Well folks, Friday marked our last day on projects and signaled the end of our time as interns here with…

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Disappointment in Sakubita

Welp Thursday was kind of a bust. After convincing Caleb to switch places with us for Thursday so we could…

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It’s the Final Countdown

Helllooooo friends! The last two days have been a blur of home based care training, prepping and delivering workshops, and…

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Invasion of the CSU

Yesterday wasn’t too exciting, but not everyday can be the adventure of a lifetime, you know? We started our day…

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Lucky Charms

Where to begin?! This weekend was absolutely incredible, and honestly it could not have been better. I’m just going to…

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Snuggly babies and Nkukus

Ahhh today was so fun! Clinic days are my favorite because it means…drum roll please…BABIES! Mothers are required to bring…

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Full Bellies and Thankful Hearts

Yesterday was incredible! Between visiting one of our favorite areas (Sakubita), eating a traditional Zambian lunch hosted by our favorite…

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Blaze It

Today about did me in, I’ll be real honest. It was a successful day for sure, but exhausting all at…

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