Road Trip

Thankfully, the trip has gone thus far without a hitch, but the journey is still young. Yesterday, we got on the road at Bezzant/Elrod standard time (at least 20 minutes later than expected), and made it to LA at around 20:00 local time. Thankfully, we made a stop in St. George for a much needed break. We went to lunch with Whitley and played a few blitz rounds of Nertz with Stephanie and a couple of her kids. Surprisingly, Whitley won.

We then jumped on the road again and traveled the rest of the way to LA. It was incredible to watch the different mountain ranges as we drove. From the limestone peaks of Utah County, to the sun-baked red rocks of St. George, to the gnarled and jagged cliffs between St. George and Las Vegas, to the lush “hills” of California. The desert has a unique form of beauty.

To top the night off, we arrived safely in LA at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Craig’s. They prepared a wonderful dinner for us, and it was great to catch up with them and cousin Nathan. It was very kind of them to let us stay in their home, but beyond that, they made us feel like we were coming home. Thank you again, Lisa and Craig.

In the end, I came away from our little road trip more grateful for our wonderful family and with a little bit better appreciation for the beautiful country we live in.


Author: Braydan

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