35 Hours Later

We finally arrived in Zambia today!!! It’s still surreal that we are actually here. I was pretty surprised at just how lush the environment is. Lots of exotic trees and plants. The place we are staying at, Livingstone backpacker’s hostel, is great! It’s a cluster of buildings surrounding a swimming pool with a eight foot tall and large gate around the entire perimeter. Needless to say, we feel pretty safe. There is a dedicated building for African Impact (who we will be working with) which houses the single volunteers, a building for dedicated to taking care of the facilities and excursions, and the two story motel style building we are staying in. It is beautiful. If I can post some pictures from my phone, I will.

As mentioned in a previous post, we spent 16 hours flying to Qatar and then stayed there for 8 hours. We continued on to Johannesburg or “Jay-burg” as locals call it, which was another 8 hours of flying. At least I could binge-watch a bunch of movies. Once we made it in Johannesburg, we basically sprinted catch our last flight to Livingstone. Luckily, that flight was only one hour. Then we were there! I think the funniest thing I noticed on the trip, was just how different the airport securities were. LAX was a disaster. Everyone was stressed and the employees didn’t really regard individuals. Qatar didn’t take very long, and the security officers were a little more friendly, but Johannesburg was by far the quickest and the people were super friendly. The culture in Africa is so much more social. Everyone here just loves to talk to each other. Speaking of which, on our flight to Livingstone, we ended up talking to this 70 year old South-African/English lady who has traveled to just about every corner of the world. She literally talked our ears off, but we had fun just getting to know her. It was pretty funny, because she was super excited when she found out that we were married. She was like, “Oh my goodness, I might just cry.” It was cool to see how marriage meant to her.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the day getting oriented in the area, and tomorrow we will get right on to work! So grateful that we are here and grateful for the kind people we met on our journey.


Author: Braydan

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