4 Hours Later

Today was the definition of a lazy Sunday. While we woke up at 7am, we didn’t finally roll out of bed until 9am, and that’s when our “real” day began.

I should preface that I probably could’ve stayed in bed until noon since we have a stack of movies just begging to be watched, but Braydan was hungry, so food won out over snuggling. Boo. But we did have an interesting experience while making breakfast! While I was mixing up my scrambled egg and protein powder mix to make some weird pancakes, out of the corner of my eye I saw something running across the cement about 10 meters away from the kitchen. Thinking it was one of the compound cats, I looked up to see what it was chasing. As luck would have it, it was actually a baboon! No one else apparently noticed it until I somewhat loudly proclaimed “Baboon!” at which everyone seated closer to it did a double take and kind of freaked out for a minute. Luckily, the baboon hopped up on one of platforms that leads to the roof of part of the complex and it ran away before Sitali or Hillary could grab their slingshots.

After the baboon incident, we hoped all would stay calm, but as I started to peel my orange, a darn bee decided that my plate was its new obsession. I literally took about double the time that Braydan did in order to finish my meal because it kept flying around my hands and food and face. Being the fantastic human that he is, Braydan kindly did the dishes from breakfast while I slowly, painstakingly worked my way through my “strawberry” and egg “pancakes” with peanut butter and orange. Trust me, it tasted about as good as it sounds, but the orange was good, so that was something.

With breakfast done, we took a minute to think about what we were going to do with our completely obligation free day. We decided it would be a good time to update our blogs (this will be my third post of the day, forgive me), but before we could really get into blogging, Braydan insisted that we play a round of ping pong since the table is in the outdoor lounge area. One round turned into five, at which time we returned to our blogs. After blogging for a bit, we decided to head over to the tourist market once again to take a look at some souvenirs we’d had our eyes on. Suffice it to say, we knew we were getting gouged on the prices, but that’s bargaining for you. But before going to the market, of course we had to play a couple more rounds of ping pong.

It was interesting to me that more than once while we’ve been here, and twice today at the market, people have been interested in trading me something for my hair ties. Yeah, the same hair ties that you buy in a pack of 50 and slowly lose over the process of a couple months. I didn’t even have a particularly nice one in my hair/on my wrist today, but a couple shop owners today wanted to trade me something for it. Since the hair tie wasn’t expensive and I have others with me, I offered to trade for one of the many rocks/stones that they had pulled from some of the local rivers. This was opposed to some of the bigger ticket items they had originally been offering me, but as soon as I offered the hair band for a rock I was interested in as a gift for someone else, they both insisted that I add a little more kwatcha to the offer so that they could “get lunch.”

This was irritating to me because they offered to give me change for whatever bills I had on me, so clearly they had money for lunch, and also, they started the negotiation as a straight across trade. I don’t like when people go back on their words, so needless to say, I took back my hairband both times and told them that if they would honor their original offer of a straight across trade then maybe we could do business. So my lesson for the day: don’t show interest in something if you don’t want to be gouged. Off-handed interest may be the best option for the market from here on out.

Walking back from the market reminded me that it was indeed time for lunch, so we warmed up some of our leftover pasta and cooked some green beans to go with it. While it wasn’t the best meal ever, it was food so I’m not going to complain. After lunch, where did we head? Back to the ping pong table of course! We played ping pong for a solid two hours before we decided to call it for the evening and head upstairs to rest and so Braydan could edit some of our trips so far. Braydan calculated that we’d played roughly three to four hours of ping pong today. Solid use of our time, right? To be fair, at least we have something to show for those four hours, even if that something is just a volley that last for more than four hits lol

For dinner, we decided to try one of the other local restaurants that’s been popular with previous backpackers called Zest. We walked there, which was kind of sketchy if we’re being honest, but we arrived to a quaint little restaurant with an open, summery feel to it. I ordered a Portuguese/Brazilian style kudu espatada and Braydan ordered a t-bone steak. Guys, the food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Wow, there was so much flavor and everything was cooked to perfection! 10/10 would recommend, and we may return for our last dinner meal in Zambia before we leave because itw as just that good. From Zest, we walked back towards LBP, grabbed some yummy gelato on the way, and chatted with one of the new backpackers that ended up being the nurse from Wisconsin that I had met in the Maramba Clinic two weeks ago!

And that was pretty much our day. We haven’t seen many of our other volunteers today, but hopefully everyone will be ready for another day working in Linda tomorrow. Cross your fingers and wish us luck! Until tomorrow, ¬°adios!

-Gabrielle Bezzant

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