Today (Wednesday) was quite the day! Elle and I were split up again. I have no idea where Elle, Caleb, Lauren went, but I went to Nakatindi with Sophie and Nathan. This Sophie, Nathan, and I’s first time there, so it was quite the adventure. The caregiver, Michael, was a really nice guy. He seemed to really care for the people of Nkatindi. Every time we would visit a patient, he would tell us the numerous things he’d already done to help them in the past. Even though all of the patients were new to us, there really wasn’t anything exciting going on. We dealt a lot with high blood pressure and diabetes. There was one guy who got hit in the eye by a block, but we couldn’t do anything for him.

The other exciting patient we visited, was our very last one. She is by far the frailest person I’ve met here in Zambia, and she is only 37. She could barely get herself out of the house upon our arrival. Someone basically had to carry her. The really sad part, was that nobody seemed to understand what was wrong with her. She had about 10 pages of hospital records that told us absolutely nothing about what was happening to her. We just knew that no medications were really helping, and she had lots of problems with a number of organs in her body. The only real factor I could imagine contributing to her situation, would be HIV/AIDS. I know that she is positive for the disease, and it could be possible that she is really far along in the development of the disease. The really sad thing, is that SO many people are HIV positive here (about 1 in 4 of the population). I can’t even imagine how many people may also be in her situation.

The rest of the afternoon was also very good! We finally got to put our knowledge and planning to the test. We delivered our prepared workshops to the 8th graders. It was a ton of fun! The kids were a bit wild in the beginning, but as soon as we broke off into groups, they all seemed to soak up all the information we were teaching them. It was cool, because we gave them a pretest to assess their level of knowledge to begin, then afterwards we will be doing a post test to get an idea of how much they’ve learned. They have already showed much improvement and learning. There were lots of questions that they got obviously wrong, but through the duration of the workshops, you could tell that they were getting the information. The kids were very enthusiastic about it all.

We then came back to backpackers and dashed to the tourist market for some more rounds of haggling! After buying a few more trinkets, paintings, and gifts, I think we are about done with all our souvenirs. We then came upstairs, Skyped McKell, then began blogging. Overall, another dandy day!

OH! 420. The reason the title of this post is 420, is because we purchased a handful of items for 420 Kwacha. It was really funny, because we were negotiating a price between 400 and 500. Elle was standing there, and I said, “Well, how about 420?” Elle just about fell to the floor, she was laughing so hard. We later purchased some more things at a different shop for 420 Kwacha. It must just be our lucky number. Today at the market was good, because the people are willing to negotiate a lot more during the week. I think we got some pretty good deals.

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