A Day in the Life

Traditional lunch
BBQ dinner, Thursday

Today was a pretty awesome day. We traveled to Saku Bita and performed home base care there. It was interesting, because Elle and I spent most of our extra time today, filming our day in the life video. I think it will turn out pretty well once it’s all said and done. We ended up only having time to see 6 patients today, because we were stopped a lot by little kids running around the roads, plus we ended up walking pretty far out of town to help someone who has TB. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do for him, but luckily, he obeyed our previous instructions and went to the clinic. He is now on medications and should hopefully feel better in the next few weeks/months.

Some of the other patients were doing well, while there were no signs of progress in others. The lady who got in the accident with a pipe and the lady who got bit by a crocodile saw incredible improvements in just one week. All of their wounds were healing super well. On the other hand, our friend, Harriet with a cervical infection and a man who has a nasty wound on the back and front of his leg show no signs of improvement. Unfortunately, in both these situations, there isn’t much we can do to help. We can’t treat anything in the cervix, and we’ve been waiting months for test results to come back from the hospital in Lusaka. It’s a nightmare for her. The man on the other hand, isn’t all the way there, mentally, so he doesn’t care for his wound properly at all. I have little hope that either will improve without hospital care.

After home base care, we traveled to Linda for a traditional lunch with our friend Audrey. She taught us how to make the traditional dish, Nshima, which is basically corn mashed potatoes. She prepared the rest of the food, and it was absolutely wonderful. See the picture above. We then came back to the compound. . . took a nap. . . and gathered together with the rest of the plan our workshops further. It went pretty well! A lot of the kids put down questions they had from our workshops, so we spent time answering them. The funniest question I saw that was actually applicable was, “Does smoking hurt your penis how?” As a matter of fact, it does. It ruins sperm production, and chemicals in the cigarettes cause blood vessels to degenerate. Thereby causing some erectile dysfunction. So there’s a crazy fun fact for you!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty great! We had BBQ for dinner, chatted with some of the other volunteers, and filmed some more of our day in the life video. I will have to share it as soon as it is finished.

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