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I don’t know why, but Fridays really are the best days of the week! Probably because they signify that we’ve survived another week. This week was not an exception. Although, surviving isn’t quite the right word. . . we had a great week and we are sad to see another one go so quickly. Today, we split back up into smaller groups to divide and conquer. Sophie and I went to Maramba, Kathryn and Nathan went to some random place I can’t pronounce, and Elle, Caleb and Lauren went to Libuyu clinic. Everyone seemed to have a great time. We basically had to pull Caleb from the clinic by his ear to get him to leave.

Home base care in Maramba was really fun. Benny took us by on the usual Maramba patients. All of which suffer with high BP. It was crazy though, because the 94 year-old grandma was gardening when we got there! It was crazy! Another one of the patients we visit often went to the hospital last week. It was cool, because she got an X-ray of her os coxa (hip) done. I’m not a radiologist, but it definitely seemed like the head of her femur is grinding on her Acetabulum. I couldn’t see any space between them in the image. Besides that, we went by on two patients I haven’t visited before. One was a 91 year-old man who is the father of 16 children (with ONE wife). He was a really nice man. He couldn’t talk much, but he had the sweetest eyes. The last man we visited has a tumor in his brain. There is definitely nothing we can do for that, but we helped him work through some other issues he is going through.

The afternoon was also well spent! We dashed straight to the school to visit our workshop students again. Unfortunately, today is early out day. Luckily, most of them stayed behind because they knew we were coming. It was fun to teach the other class this time around, and it was really fun to get to go back and see their enthusiasm to learn. They are all very bright kids. I thought my workshop went really well. I taught the same lesson that I taught Wednesday. The first portion covers the health risks of alcohol, smoking and drugs. The second portion covers the Non-smoking fund, as taught by my Grandpa Jay in High School. Then the last portion is about the story of many Zambian families, where the father gets drunk all the time, wastes the families money, and causes lots of other problems in the home. I thought the three times I taught it went really well.

The rest of the afternoon was really chill. Elle and I watched A Beautiful Mind, we played ping-pong, ate some delicious dinner, and we’re going to head to bed soon. Tomorrow is Chobe! So we are super excited to tell ya’ll about our safari adventures on Sunday. Until then!

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