Good-Bye Projects

Our last day on project was great. We spent the morning in Ngwenia, a place we haven’t been before. It was great, because there were no hard goodbyes, no sorrowful departing words, and no tears. It was just another day on the job. Overall, the patients we visited had minimal problems. Most were suffering from high bp, back-aches, headaches and other chronic issues. The worst person we saw was a girl suffering from severe anemia. Her heart rate was over 130, her BP was around 100/50, and she looked really skinny. Her hospital records indicated that she is severely iron deficient. Luckily, she does have a lot of supplements, but they aren’t helping nearly as much as she needs. It was hard to see her in that state, and I wonder how long someone can live in her condition.

As we were walking around the village, some little kids ran up to us and began holding our hands. It was ridiculously cute. They were so excited to see us and to follow us around. By the end, one of the boys had found a large piece of metal and was carrying it around. It was funny. Overall, it was a pretty good last day for home base care.

The rest of the afternoon was a lot of fun! We got back to backpackers, ate some lunch, took a nap, and then we headed off for our afternoon project. Except this time was a little bit different. Instead of going out for a normal project, we headed out for a African Impact Foundation activity called “The Walk to School.” The idea of the activity was for us to experience the distance some kids must walk to school every morning and evening. We began at the Libuyu primary school and then circled around town back to the school. We traveled about 4 KM with most of the children at the school. Along the way, we stopped by a church where the school was originally located. You could see the old blackboard paint on the walls, and they would section off the chapel with fabric to have individual classes. They were so grateful to organizations like African Impact for funding the production of their school. All the proceeds went to the school to help them create additional classrooms. It was a really cool experience.

In the evening, Elle and I went to the tourist market for further rounds of haggling. In all, I think we’ve bought everything we were hoping to purchase. . .and some! As we were getting back, one of the security personnel told us he wouldn’t be coming back till Monday. We were heartbroken. His name is Hilary, and he has become a pretty good friend of ours. He always greets Elle and I warmly and knows us by name. He always calls me Berren or Berden or Brazen. It’s really funny. It was hard saying goodbye. Once we were back, we ate some delicious burgers for dinner then headed to bed after chatting with a few of the other volunteers. Tomorrow we are going on a walking safari in a local national park, so we have to be in bed early for that.

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