Hot and Cold

Wow. The last 16 hours have been wild. Thanks to Aunt Lisa, we made it to the airport with plenty of time. This was great, because we spent at least 45 minutes waiting to check luggage and then an hour getting through security. I don’t know if yesterday was just a bad day, but the security at LAX was terrible. Everyone’s bags were getting pulled from the X-ray machines and combed through, and the lines were long. On the bright side, because those things took so long, we arrived at our gate only minutes before we were supposed to board.

The plane ride was around 16 hours. LAX -> Doha, Qatar. We tried to sleep, talked with the guy sitting by us, watched lots of movies, and tried to find comfortable positions. I know flying pictures are totally lame, but as we were flying over the Arctic circle and as we were coming into Qatar, the sun was stunning. I had to share. I am sure you can piece together which picture was taken where.

We are now resting in a fancy lounge, preparing for the next 8 hour flight beginning 1:55 am local time. Meaning we will be on this layover for about 8 hours. Luckily, the lounge we arranged serves delicious local foods, has showers, and is relatively empty this time of night.

Anyway, the next time I write, we will more than likely be in Livingstone!!! We are beyond excited!


P.S. I named this hot and cold, because I was sitting next to the window. The windows and walls of the plane were FREEZING over the Arctic Circle, and Hot as we passed over the middle east.

Author: Braydan

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  1. I’m so glad you’re documenting your time in Africa! Tom knows the pain of those long flights. Have a great time and be safe! Love you guys!

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