Invasion of the CSU

Yesterday wasn’t too exciting, but not everyday can be the adventure of a lifetime, you know? We started our day early in order to write posts for the previous weekend, only to find that the Wifi password had been changed. The new password? Colorado. And so, the invasion began.

Luckily, most were still in bed during breakfast, so while we groggily ate breakfast, we had some peace and quiet. We prepped our backpack for Linda and then waited. 8:15am turned into 8:30am, and we were finally headed out at 8:35am. With the new students, everyone is scrambling to get places on time, and I think the stress of it all must’ve started on Monday even though they weren’t scheduled to come out until Tuesday. Oh well, we were flexible.

In Linda, we ended up going through the community with a caregiver named Lydia. Lydia was an older woman, but she was a spitfire. Her English was fantastic as well, so we felt very blessed to be with her. We love the other caregivers, we really do, but sometimes the language barrier is really and it becomes difficult to fully understand a patient’s problems or ask them our survey questions. However, we didn’t have those problems with Lydia, so our day in Linda went pretty smoothly.

Upon returning, we were greeted with a hoard of new students from Colorado State University, and to say we felt invaded was an understatement. Braydan and I quickly zipped up to our room to grab our laptops and finish our posts, and at about five minutes to noon, we headed over to the lunch area in order to beat the crowd (we were hungry!). Lunch was wild, with students and staff filling up two and a half tables and making a line a mile long with people. However, as we settled in, our trepidation about having new students diminished some as we chatted with them over the food.

After lunch, we had some free time, so Braydan and I decided to tackle the mountain of laundry we had building up in our room. Once we finished up, we headed upstairs to grab our computers for a last minute run through of the updated quiz we had made for our workshop. We were scheduled to run our workshops with an at-risk young adult training center; however, right as we were coming back down, Sjeel called a medical team meeting to tell us that the workshop was cancelled because the center released all of their students for the day. So instead, we were told we’d be giving our workshop presentations on Tuesday to a different young adult group and that we had the rest of the afternoon to prep and work on whatever else we wanted to.

I took an hour to sun bathe and swim, which was refreshing and chilling all at once. I may or may not have mildly threatened Braydan when he tried pulling me into the cold pool before I was ready. To be fair, I have bad memories about jumping into a cold pool, and I hate the cold as it is, so I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of being forced in against my will. Regardless, I eventually got in, swam for a bit, and then retreated back to the comfort of the sun.

With dry clothes and a charged computer, Braydan and I started working on the powerpoint presentation we’re going to be showing to the new interns on Wednesday. Then came the team meeting. The room was full of fresh faces and names of about 30 people I can’t remember, but it was fun to be able to talk a bit about how things work around here. We had a bit between the team meeting and dinner, so we worked on homework until the dinner bell rang. The students were already getting the hang of the idea and have started hanging around the kitchen area before the bell. So there goes that idea. Boo.

Once we had downed dinner, Braydan and I made a mad dash trip to Shoprite for some movie snacks and then scuttled back for the Sponsor a Child movie night. The movie was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. which was a nice and relaxing way to end our evening. After a hot shower, we curled up in bed for some much needed sleep, having wild dreams because of our malaria pills. So that’s that for the day. Until tomorrow, ¬°adios!

-Gabrielle Bezzant

Author: Gabrielle Bezzant

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