Last Week of Fun

One of the buses broke down, so we’re all crammed in one heading back to the compound.
Elle is a bunny whisperer
The whiteboard of our workshop.

As you can see, this week will be our last week of fun. Not because we are leaving in a week, but because we will be getting about 20 new volunteers next week. Things are getting busy. This is insane, because right now we have about 20 volunteers. Therefore, this will be our last week that we can go out and enjoy all the places we want to enjoy without having a herd of people around us. Today did not disappoint.

We got to spend the morning in Linda dressing wounds. Its always really fun. Elle and I decided to let Sophie and Caleb lead out the care with us behind, helping. They did a really great job. We visited about 6 patients with gnarly wounds. I’ve discussed most of the wounds before, and a couple of them are making great improvements. The man with a large hole in his foot was already most of the way sealed up, lots of wounds were shrinking, and fresh skin was growing around lots of the wounds. Its really fun to see some improvement. I think the saddest thing we saw, was our patient who has epilepsy. He’s the one who had a seizure a few years ago and fell into a fire. Luckily, only part of his foot and leg was burned, but after healing, the wound opened back up. When we arrived at his house, he was completely wasted. He tried to stand up and fell backwards onto his back. We ended up having to leave without dressing his wounds because he was so drunk.

The afternoon was also great. We met together as medical interns and discussed the workshops we are going to be giving the next two weeks. We’ve been meeting with Zambian officials and experts the for the last week to help make these workshops pertinent to Zambians. We came up with 6 critical topics we want to discuss, then we gave everyone one of the topics to develop a lesson plan and activity around. I got substance abuse. It wasn’t exactly the topic I wanted to discuss, but I think I can come up with some really cool stuff to make it interesting. We then broke off to begin developing our lessons. I’m really excited to be teaching these workshops.

We spent the rest of the evening getting to know the new volunteers (there are three) and watching a movie, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse with some of the other volunteers. Every week, the African Impact Foundation puts on a movie with all the proceeds going toward helping kids go to school. Elle and I selected the movie and put it on for everyone. It was cool to be able to help. I love being out here and being able to help in lots of ways.

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