Manic Monday. Wish it was Sunday.

Our last Monday on the job out here in Africa. It’s crazy that we’re already into our last week here. It’s been a blast, but there are still many memories to be made.

Today was your typical Linda home-base-care Monday. There were quite a few patients who have no signs of improvement, and a couple who have great signs of improvement. Our friend with the huge injury on the bottom of his foot has new skin growing in. Hopefully it will be fully grown in by the end of the summer. Another man had the injury that went through most of his foot. We’ve visited him for a very long time, but it is now almost completely healed! I was very impressed by how well that one is coming along. One woman who has been meeting with African Impact volunteers for a long time was showing signs of improvement. This was my first time going by on her, and the injuries on her shins were not nearly as drastic and nasty as others had described. She generally dresses her own wounds herself, so it was good to see that she was doing a good job of it. In her case, we have no idea what happened. She said that the wound began on one leg and spread to the other. It’s things like this disease I cannot fathom happening in the U.S. As soon as the wound would have opened up, she would have been in the hospital and the whole problem would have been nipped in the bud. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option around here.

The rest of the patients we visited showed little signs of improvement. One man with gangrene didn’t go to the hospital to have his toe amputated, and the disease was going further up the toe. One man’s “small” wound didn’t look like it showed and signs of fresh skin or becoming smaller. And one woman we visited has had a sore around her ear for about 10 years, but it keeps on coming back whenever it improves. Overall, it saddens me to see just how chronic a lot of this issues become, because the patients aren’t taking care of themselves and they don’t have the care they need.

The afternoon was a bit of a bummer. After lunch, we were supposed to go visit a trade school and present our workshops to young adults. Yeah, they called and told our manager that they let all their students go early. So some people went out on projects while others stayed behind to work on a presentations we have to give to the new medical volunteers. We ended up getting 20 new volunteers this weekend, 9 of which are medical. So, we have to get them all trained up before we go. Part of that will be a presentation on the expectations they should have while out there.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was really good. I began sorting through the 1000 (probably more than that) safari pictures I took, we swam in the pool for a bit, we watched Man from U.N.C.L.E. for the movie night, and we got ready for bed. Overall, a really great last Monday on the job.

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