Pictures are Worth a Thousand words.

Instead of boring you with a bunch of words, I’m going to share a bunch of pictures and captions with you. Remember, each is worth literally a thousand words. I spent a lot of Sunday editing this pictures. If you don’t feel like pictures are adequate, Elle’s post about today is easily a couple thousand words, so go check that out.

It was intimidating at first. There was nothing between us and the lions.
We were told to stay behind them, because they might try playing with us. . . Which wouldn’t end well for us. . . It was an incredible experience!
It was really hard to get a good picture with the lions, because they are distracted by every sound. Luckily, someone got a great shot of us with the male lion as he was in mid yawn. It looks a lot like he is smiling.
I look a little crazed in this image, mostly because the lion was turning. . .
This was the male cheetah. He wasn’t so keen on coming close for pictures.
The female cheetah was totally comfortable with us touching her.
She even let us play with her tail. . . I didn’t have any good pictures of that though.
About halfway through our walk in the bush, she sat down for a minute. So we knelt down next to her for some fun pics.
For some reason, I got put on the first elephant. Her name is Mary. She is the matriarch (leader) of the group.
Mary loves her treats!
Mary was so nice. Truly a gentle giant.
The male elephant and two of his ladies.
For some reason, Elle and I got put in charge of getting about 14 volunteers to the falls. It was kind of a pain in the butt. . . but it was absolutely gorgeous.
I was shocked, because the lunar rainbow stayed in one location no matter how much water was being spit up. It bowed up from the bottom of the falls all the way up and around the fog. It was gorgeous.
Just a pic of the falls in the night.

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