You know those times when you think 3 hour church was long? Yeah, we went to 5 hour church today (that’s why I was “shamed.” Three hour church is nothing). . . Apparently the services at the church we went to are normally 3 hours long, but it ended up being much longer because they were doing a girl’s brigade. It was super fun to watch the girl’s performances. We were allowed to film, so I got a few good videos and pictures. From what I gathered, the girl’s brigade and the boys brigade is about the equivalent of primary. The only exception, is that the kids are SUPER excited to sing the songs. They even had a bunch of scriptures memorized.

The reverent’s sermon was really good. The title was “From Shame to Glory.” This speech had a lot more depth to it now that I am here in Africa. Seeing the extreme poverty these people live in really opened my eyes to the faith that these people have. He presented shame from the perspective of a very impoverished person. Then he discussed Samuel, and how he was also looked down upon by Jesse. Although Samuel was left in the field while the prophet came to find the next king, the prophet recognized this rugged, young shepherd as the one he was looking for. His message was that we all find ourselves in shameful circumstances one time or another, but as long as we are giving time to God, he will always recognize our potential and help us work from where we are. Not from where we came from.

We then came back from church and headed out to explore town! We walked around 5.5 miles today. We visited Maramba Market. . . which was super sketchy. The Maramba Market is massive and only contains things natives would want. Most of it was found in alleys and make-shift, wood huts. Looking back, I realize we were totally safe, but in the moment, everything just seemed super shady. We decided to walk to the Tourist Market here in Livingstone and had a much better experience. The people were much nicer, friendlier, and not as pushy. It was especially easy to maneuver around the merchants, because we told them we didn’t have money. Overall, we got a good idea of the souvenirs we want to purchase.

We then went out to Cafe Zambezi for dinner. Oh my goodness! It was delicious. Elle got a Goat stew with Nshima, while I got crocodile short ribs with Nshima. Nshima is a corn-meal mix which they boil into globs. You pick up a glob of Nshima and eat it with whatever food you have on your plate. The crocodile was a strange mix between chicken and fish. The meat was super hard to get off of the bone, but it was super tender once I was eating it. Overall, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling out here!

Anyway, we then came home and called our mothers! Happy Mother’s Day everyone. I hope all you mothers feel extra special today.


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