Showered in Africa

Today was our first day off! It was nice to head off and do one or two of the touristy things. We started our morning off by shopping and baking gluten-free bread, then we headed off for Victoria Falls. WOW. It was incredible. I will post lots of pictures, but it was absolutely phenomenal. Victoria Falls is partially in Zambia, partially in Zimbabwe. The Zambezi river separates the two countries. Above the falls, it is merely the river that separates the two countries, but below the falls, massive gorges formed from centuries of erosion make up the border.

Fun fact: I noticed a lot of people riding bikes from Zimbabwe into Zambia as we drove toward the falls. I asked the Taxi driver about it, and he said that they are transporting goods. Apparently, there are some sort of mill goods that are super cheep to produce in Zambia, so they take and sell them in Zimbabwe. Then they collect sugar in Zimbabwe, because it is cheaper to make there, and they bring it back to sell in Zambia. It was very interesting.

Once arriving to the park which encompasses the falls, we started off with the photographic route, which captures the falls from the distance near the bridge that connects the two countries (the same bridge that people bungee jump from). We then took on the Knife’s edge trail. This trail takes you RIGHT up next to the falls. Although there is a massive cliff and you are about 100 feet away from the water, the mist that sprays up from the falls soaks you to the bone. It’s literally like walking into a shower. I have footage on my go-pro if anyone is interested.

We then traversed the stairs and avoided the baboons at the boiling pots trail. This trail goes down to the bottom of the gorge below the falls. Although a cliff separates you from the falls, you get to witness the insane current of the water as it rushes from the falls. It was beautiful. It was also pretty intense, though. As we were coming down the trail, I was grabbing a cloth out of my bag to clean my camera. . . Wait, pause. You also have to understand that there are hundreds of baboons running freely around the park. The babies and the mom’s are super cute, but the males are HUGE and really intimidating. . . Unbenounced to me, opening your bag is a signal for food. As I pulled the cloth out, a large male baboon came running over at break neck speed. HOLY CRAP! I thought I was gonna get tackled. Luckily, he stopped about five feet away from me and after an intense minute or two, he let us pass. Terrifying.

From this point, our African animal experiences began! On our taxi ride home, we saw a herd of elephants off the side of the road. Although we didn’t get a super good look at them, it was still super cool to FINALLY see some of the large African animals. After arriving home and showering, we went on a sunset (booze) cruise of the Zambezi river. It was gorgeous, and the alcohol-free drinks and BBQ was really good! And to top it all off?? We saw a bunch of hippos!! It was so cool. Most of them were hiding in the water, but they would come up occasionally for air. There was one hippo that decided to give us a show. Check out the video on Facebook or Instagram! At the very end of the tour, we saw one hippo crossing the river pretty far down stream. I didn’t get any great pictures of him, but it was still a super cool experience!

So, Victoria Falls was Gorgeous, and the fantastic animals everyone talks about do actually live here in Africa!

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