Table Tennis Training

Sunday was a really relax day. We decided after doing all kinds of crazy things Saturday, we wanted a break. So we literally spent the day around town and Backpackers not doing much. It was very nice. We woke up without our alarms, made some easy breakfast, played table tennis, made lunch from left overs and some green beans we bought the other day, played table tennis, went to the store to pull out money, and played some more table tennis. Seriously though, we played table tennis for at least 3 hours today. We’re going to be professionals by the end. We’re working towards our 10,000 hours!

After lunch, we headed off to the tourist market to implement our bargaining skills. Overall, I wasn’t displeased with the negotiations we made, but I also walked away really frustrated with some of the sellers. The problem with the tourist market, is that they always start WAY too high. The other day we asked about a painting someone was selling. The guy asked for 3000 Kwacha (Around 300 dollars). Of course, the prices here are always negotiable, but there is no way in heck I was going to pay 300 dollars for that painting. Even if I could negotiate it down, the lowest he would probably go is 75 dollars, so it wasn’t worth it. One man we’ve seen at the market multiple times really gouged us this time. Last time we were here, we told him we’d be coming back later to look at some of his stuff, and he begged us to stay. We made him an offer for some of the figurines and he accepted it. Today, he conveniently “forgot” telling us that price and asked us for about 8 times the amount. In the end, I negotiated it down to 2 times the original amount, but it was still crazy.

I also learned the power of walking away. On a couple of the things we were purchasing, we were negotiating a price, when we seemed to get at a stand still. They wanted like 300 Kwacha for something, and there was no way I was paying more than 100. After trying to talk them down some more, I began walking away. Of course, they called us back and after some more talking we got it for that price, but the people here are persistent. You really have to be patient to negotiate for a good price, cause eventually they will come down from their gougingly high prices.

The rest of the evening was really good. We went to a place called Zest for dinner. It was very delicious! Elle got an Kudu skewer (Kudu is basically deer) and I got a T-bone steak. It was really good. The mushroom sauce was amazing. We then walked back toward town (it’s a 10 minute walk back to where we are staying) and got some pretty tasty gelato at an Italian restaurant. Overall, I thought it was a pretty great day!

Author: Braydan

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