“Teacher, Spell me Smart”

Hello everyone, today was quite the day. We started off the day by visiting the Maramba clinic. Elle got to spend the morning weighing and doing measurements on babies. They were SO cute! Every women in Livingstone is supposed to bring their baby into the clinic AT LEAST once a month, but usually more often. . . and there are A LOT of babies here. I spent the morning taking vitals for people coming in and visiting the clinic. It was pretty crazy. There was a huge line to start off the morning, but we worked through everyone by the time I had to leave. I took people’s blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and temperature. I definitely noticed that the people from Maramba are a lot better off than the people we visited in Linda. You could tell by the houses and by the clothing they were wearing.

Next, we split up into different activities. Elle went and taught some girls rugby while I went to boys club. It was really cool. Because the kids are on a break right now, only about 6 boys showed up. It was still fun though! They are all in the sixth grade (about 12 here). We started by playing some soccer with them. Then a local, Audrey (who we will be going to a local congregation with this Sunday), lead the discussion about confidence. The main ideas in the discussion were appearance, self-esteem, and avoiding toxic people. This was a recap from a lesson they had last week, so the boys had a lot of fun phrases memorized for each topic which they shouted out when commanded.

I then lead an activity on toxic people. The boys were told to come up with harmful/negative things people could say to them and then to write them down on piece of paper.. The boys came up with things like, “You are stinky.” “You are not good at math.” “You are not good at football (soccer).” Then on the other side of the paper, they were supposed to write down a positive response they would give to a toxic person. They said things like, “I will clean myself then.” “I am good, but I will practice more.” etc. We also had them act out the situations as well. It was pretty cool. After class, we played a bit more soccer, and the boys showed us their flips off of a rock. Check out the video on Facebook or Instagram.

Anyway, Elle and I are doing very well! We washed our laundry by hand today. . . oh my goodness. I am so glad we have a washer and dryer at home. The cooks made some awesome BBQ for dinner. The corn on the cob was not anything like we eat in america, but it still resembled corn we’re used to. . . We finally booked our first weekend excursions! We will be going to Victoria Falls followed by a Sunset River Cruise on Saturday. Next weekend, we will be walking with lions, cheetahs, and spending some time with elephants. We are pretty excited about that as well!

Another successful day.

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