The One Day Everyone was Gone.

Today had potential to be really great, but karma truly is a. . . jerk. We woke up and got ready for our adventure out to Saku Bita. Originally, we were scheduled to go out to totally different areas, but because we’ve spent so much time in Saku Bita, we wanted to get one last day there to see patients we’ve been working with -before we left. We had a discussion (border-line argument) with one of the other interns, asking if we could take his spot out there. He’d already been to Saku Bita this week, but all the action is in Saku Bita, so he wanted to go again. Unfortunately, we had no idea just how disappointed we would be when we finally got permission to go.

As we got there, we visited a couple of the normal patients, but we were really looking forward to visiting two of them. As we finally arrived at the home of the first one, we knew we were out of luck. This was first time any of us gone to visit this patient, and she wasn’t there. We were very sad. This was the women with a gnarly gash in her leg that we found a few weeks ago. We were sad that we couldn’t see the progress she’d made since last time, and we were also sad we couldn’t say good-bye. It gets worse.

We were walking away from this patients home when we ran into a lady walking with her kids. She informed us that the other patient we wanted to see, the women with the crocodile bites (who’s made a ton of progress since we’ve been here), was also gone. We were so disheartened. Apparently, both patients were at the hospital/clinic. I’m glad that they were going to the right place to get help, but I hope they actually get it. The healthcare system here isn’t always as good as we’d hope, and I’m really worried that both patients will be going a few extra days without having their wounds dressed. Plus we don’t get to say goodbye, which is SUPER frustrating! Overall, we were disappointed, but the rest of the patients were well.

The boy with a cut on his leg and a burn wound on his neck had scabs over his wounds, which is good. One patient showed tiny signs of improvement, which is good for him, because we haven’t seen any improvement in his injury the entire time we’ve been here. The other patient we visited was still waiting on the results for a bacterial infection. I hope she can get results soon. After that, we were picked up by Andrew and we went with the Linda group to visit one last patient. When we were there Monday, we told him he HAS to visit the hospital to get his toe amputated. He has gangrene and could die if he let it go to much longer. He did. They didn’t do anything. It’s still getting worse. Story of the healthcare system here.

After that, we came back to backpackers for lunch and had some time in the office in the afternoon. We made a summary of our workshops, we saved some documents in their proper places, and then the true adventure began. Elle and I decided to make the trek back out to Maramba Market. In all, we were out walking and shopping for about 3 hours. It was pretty fun. We got a bunch of gifts for people, surprised a lot of locals (because we’re white walking around a non-tourist market), Elle had a backpack made, and we picked up our custom painting on the way back. See the picture above with us and the artist. The rest of the evening was good. I beat Elle in Ping-pong, we had BBQ for dinner, we chatted with people, then we watched the rest of Ready Player One before bed.

Overall, today held some disappointments, but it still turned out to be a pretty great day.

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