They May Think You are a Robber

Tuesday was another great day to be in Zambia! Today, Elle and I were split up with Sophie and Caleb. . . I honestly can’t remember where Elle and Caleb went, but Sophie and I went to Libuyu. We went with our caregiver, Roy. We really didn’t see anything too exciting, but Roy spent most of our walking time telling us all about his business plans. Every time we saw a different problem in the community, he would tell us that he was starting a new program to help combat that problem. Lots of people don’t get the healthcare they need, so Roy told us about an organization he was “working” on starting that would help get people care. We saw lots of garbage on the side of the road, so he told us he was working on a company that was cleaning up all the garbage and taking it somewhere safe. It reminded me of my brother-in-law Jake, he had lots of great ideas. He always mentioned that he had a handful of people working with him. It was pretty entertaining to listen to, I was just never sure if he was giving me a sales pitch or just creating conversation.

This was my second time in Libuyu, but we spent this time in the more rural part of town. It was cool. The really interesting thing, is that people are from the Tonga and Losi tribes. Every time we tried to talk to them in English or Nyanja (the other common language here), they would tell us the Losi and Tonga equivalents and tell us to forget Nyanja. It was funny. Most of the patients suffered from pain of aging and lifting with the back, high bp, high sugar, etc. We did see one patient from my previous visit to Libuyu. This women broke her leg terribly a few years ago. She had reconstructive surgery, but there was still a lot of swelling in her ankles. We told her to ice, elevate, and move it around. Plus we gave her ibuprofen. I was shocked by how much the swelling has gone down from them till today. It was cool to see that the things we are teaching lots of people are helping.

We spent the remainder of our day preparing our workshops we will be giving Wednesday and Friday. We will be teaching 8th graders, so it’s been a challenge to adapt all the important information into a way they can understand. Overall though, I am very excited to be teaching them, and I think it’s going to go great!

We spent the rest of the evening playing a little ping-pong and relaxing by the pool. It ended up being a pretty good day!

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