Tuesday the 17th

Driving on the left side of the road is weird, and there’s always lots of trash here.

Well, today definitely wasn’t the 17th, but “Tuesday the 17th” is the name of one of my favorite Psych episodes. It’s Tuesday. It seemed right. So I called it that. It was a pretty good day! We started off our morning in separate locations. I don’t have any idea where Elle went, but I went to Libuyu with Sophie and two of the new CSU girls. To be completely honest, Libuyu isn’t my favorite place to visit, but the time went by really quickly and we saw a lot of people. It was good.

We ended up visiting 9 people. Of the 9 we visited, 4 of them were at one home. They just kept coming up and asking for help. It was an interesting situation there. One of the women there was telling us about some problems she was experiencing in her, “Private parts.” It was interesting, because some of our caregivers think we are full blown doctors. So our caregiver, Roy, was like, “Sophie, would it be alright if you went into a private room and checked it out?” Her response (along with all of ours), “Because we aren’t trained enough, looking at it won’t do us any good.” And that’s the funny thing. We really aren’t experienced in a lot of the problems we see. Especially when it comes to issues within people’s reproductive systems, so there really is no reason to do an examination. Yet these people truly believe we have all the answers. It’s very interesting.

The other patients we visited were interesting, but all had the same problems. Most of them had BP problems or pain, so there wasn’t too much we could do for them except tell them to stretch and eat less salt! A lot of people are starting to get a cough. As soon as it starts happening, a lot of them are worried it will get worse and expect us to have a magic solution for it. We don’t. If it’s severe (like TB) we refer them to the clinic, but most of the time it’s most likely a common cold or allergies. Because they can’t afford the medications, as long as they can still breath and function, there isn’t really anything anybody could do for them anyway. They just have to wait for it to wear off.

The rest of the afternoon was good! We went to a local school that teaches young adults trades, and taught them our workshops. It went pretty well. We didn’t have nearly as much time as we were expecting, but it was still a really good experience. Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be our last time teaching it! It’s so crazy. The rest of the afternoon was spent planning for the presentation we have to give to the new volunteers, playing ping-pong, and watching Ready Player One.

Overall, a pretty great last Tuesday in Zambia.

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