“We Need to Fit Three More”

Yet another glorious day in Zambia. Today was my first time in Mwandi. The teaching volunteers are stationed at a school in Mwandi, so we traveled out there with them. I always feel back at home when heading out to project, because we’re tackling some gnarly off-road stuff on the way. . . And these buses weren’t designed for off-roading. I swear we should be tipping over most of the time.

Andrew dropped us off at the clinic, but the caregiver, Florence, who was supposed to take us around, didn’t realize we were meeting there. So, we looked for cool rocks and hung out until she arrived. When she finally arrived, we got straight to work. In the 2 hours we were in Mwandi, we ended up seeing 9 patients. That’s a ton for that much time. Florence gets straight down to business. She wasted enough time chatting so as not to be rude, but she always kept us moving. You could tell she really wanted to visit as many people as possible. We mostly dealt with eye problems, back pain, leg pain, and high BP. Toward the very end, we did meet with a man with leprosy. Most of the toes on his right leg have fallen off, but the ones on the left were looking like they’d improve enough before amputation was necessary. Sophie bandaged his wounds and I handed all the equipment as she went. Overall, a pretty good day in Mwandi.

We headed over to the school to be picked up with the rest of the teachers, but as we got there, tons of kids flocked us. Andrew hadn’t arrived with the bus yet, so we played with the kids. I taught them how to floss (the dance move), we taught them some handshakes, we took some pictures, and we tried to talk to them. They are such sweet kids. So eager to learn, so much energy, and so accepting of us. It was a good time. The title of this post comes from our experience after the kids. As we were driving back to Backpackers with an already full bus, Andrew told us we needed to pick up some more people on project. In the end, we picked up two more groups, and the bus was COMPLETELY full. There was not an inch of seat space anywhere else in that bus. It was really fun.

The rest of the afternoon was spent teaching our final workshops! It was crazy. We visited the same young-adult group we visited yesterday, and we taught the rest of the group we haven’t taught yet. They are such a fun group. They all have very eager minds and lots of desire to learn more. I was surprised just how many of them had no idea that alcohol was bad for them. Hopefully I was able to teach them in a way that inspires some changes. The people who run the organization were awesome. We ended up talking with them for a while as we were waiting for the bus to come. They both were successful business-men looking for a way they could give back to the community. Teaching large groups of people skills is their way of doing it. It is an awesome program, and I was thrilled to work with them.

The rest of the afternoon was great. We gave the new medical volunteers their presentation. They really enjoyed it. We went to the tourist market to buy some more stuff. In the end, we came away with one tiny thin, but tomorrow we will be picking up a fun painting we are having made. We then came back and had a trivia night with all the volunteers. I dominated in the human anatomy portion, and we did alright in the rest of the categories. Overall, it was a great evening, and we are looking forward to our last couple of days on in the projects.

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